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    planting.png What We Believe and Preach



    1. We believe the Bible to be the inspired, reliable and authoritative Word of God.


     2. We believe the God and Jesus of the Bible and His Plan  for all mankind and we believe the fullness of the Godhead is in the Lord Jesus Christ.


     3. We believe the Holy Spirit  of the Bible and His Power for every  Believer and with the evidence of tongues speaking.


      4. We believe the God of the Bible is The Creator and Source of all Life  and Good.


     5. We believe the Satan of the Bible is the Destroyer and Source of all  Death and  Evil


     6.We believe Jesus of the Bible was born of a Virgin and we believe God raised Jesus from the dead to defeat death and give   mankind life.


     7. We believe Everyone can believe God raised Jesus from the dead, and  everyone  can have everlasting life.


    8. We believe each believer of Jesus has a preplanned purpose for living and we believe each believer of Jesus is commissioned of God to tell others this Good News.

     9. We believe that redemptive purpose of God for All includes  Peace for our Minds, Health for our Bodies, and Wealth for our Material Needs. 

     10. We believe the Risen Jesus will return to earth and rule.  

     11. We believe the blood of Christ paid for every sin of mankind.  

     12. We believe The Name of  Jesus has absolute authority over all other Names.

     13. We believe The Holy Spirit is a person & Works the Power of God.  

     14. We believe in the manifestation (Gifts) of the Holy Spirit,  for the Church’s edification.  

     15. We believe in the resurrection of both the saved (everlasting life)  and lost (everlasting  damnation). 



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